Monday, March 3, 2008

Tsai Ming-Liang

Tsai Ming-Liang is one of the more eclectic filmmakers in the world. A Taiwanese filmmaker who uses the movement of time as has palate. He lets things evolve at their own pace and own time. His love of nature and silence make his film an almost zen like experience, but the interesting thing he does in these confines of rather slow pace, he has many ideas for his social outcast characters. Always played by his "muse" Lee Kang-Sheng. He places them in positions of sexual experimentation, end of the world tragedies and home grief. Possibly his retort for being an outcast in his own culture(his pace and sexuality.) Drawing much inspiration from Francois Truffaut, as can be seen with a cameo by Jean-Pierre Leaud in "What Time Is It There" He is a true artist in Asian and world cinema. A person trying to do something different with the form.

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