Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nader jumps in

Ralph Nader has decided to jump into the presidency of 2008 election. Not again. His being there fucked up the last two elections. He knows he has no chance in hell, but he does this anyway just to wave his political cock once again. While he does have good ideas, he only states his plan to go into the race after the two sides have come close to figuring out who is going to go into this. This is not 1992 when it was anyone's game. This is a democratic election. The movement away from the conservative stranglehold on the country for nearly thirty years is close to coming to an end. The major concern, of course is Nader sticks in enough votes to where even if the election is close again, the conservative party wins out. Not wanted. So Mr. nader do the American people a favor and sit out of this one.

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