Friday, February 22, 2008


Well, my new side project "Tripod" had it's first gig on Friday. Happy I am. The band is an electronic progressive rock trio. Quite dense sonically, and good fun. Depending on development this may become my entire focus of music, but I am still enjoying doing things on my own terms quite a bit. Who knows. My lovely cello player has been helping me with new ideas. And opening me up to electroacousitc possibilities. My project progression to me is always funny. A year or two passes of building up ideas and then--BOOM! the writing and recording happens very quickly.

Back to Tripod.

The band consists of Myself on computer, electric guitar and other electronics. Terry Porter on Keyboards. Quite a fan of Kraftwerk and other German electronics. He might date himself a bit in the respect, but a solid player nonetheless. And David Genualdi on Electric guitar. David has an interesting style. Very much into a Wilco and Nels Cline style. He does have a nice way of using sustain notes and making interesting textures. His playing continues to improve to become his own.

So, this is my new project. A few samples of this is up and about on the website. A myspace page will be made soon


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