Tuesday, March 18, 2008

365 days ago

365 days ago my life changed forever. I loved someone. I truly did. As I look back on my decisions at that time of how I handled the situations that arouse from bad timing, bad judgement, cowardice and egotism, it's still hard to deal with it all. At the time, I thought leaving was going to change everything for the better, but it didn't. Knowing what you should have done and what you did are things that go through stages of emotional grief. Now the mile marker is here. It still feels just like yesterday. The best and worst time of my life. The best, being that I finally came to accept myself and the worst in I still wanted what I had given up. Certain days you feel quite good and certain days you don't. Regret and potential are some of the strongest emotions that you can feel. So now a year later after much psycho-analysis and personal growth I think now of what I did and why and understand and accept my decisions. They were poor, ill-advised and childish, but needed to experience the edge of emotional trauma. This equaled growth for me. So today is the anniversary of the most important day of my life. We will see how things are in another 365 days

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