Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The mysterious world of sound

I am still wondering after my confrontation with a local music teacher who told me my work is not music. for yourself)

What must his mind set be? I wonder this as when a classical musician who is confined to sheet music, scales and rules(some of the rules are a necessity) but I wonder why when they hear something that has part of a melody, or a fractured chord that gives you a false reaction from the comfort that music is"supposed to give you." They cower. Derek Bailey is the perfect example of this. A man who played with bizarre chord changes and octaves that wildly went from one to the other, but on the occasion that he would play a note of pure beauty, his work makes sense. And he could play, no question about it. But many classical musicians would say he is just hitting the strings wildly and without purpose, but I think there is more to music than the beauty and organization of notes. I ask, Is music a series of chords and melodies, or is music just sound? Why is it we can appreciate a Bach Concerto, but the dissonance of some one like Christian Fennesz, or the brooding thunder of Keith Rowe is shunned by closed minded individuals perceptions of what music is and where it is going? Again, I ask.........

What Is Music?

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