Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Late Night Work/Reading

I continue through "Riding The Iron Rooster" By Paul Theroux.
A fascinating book dealing with his trip by train from London and through China. I was given this book on a recommendation from a friend who considered this essential reading before my trip. I must say, not essential, but a second of my time has not been wasted on it.

My work has been on a creative upswing as of late, all the better too. I continue on my progress of a "singing album" My lyrical ear is still being developed. So maybe some poet friends could help in this matter.........

One song has been completed to the rough stages thus far, a preview of said song may be put here in the near future.

tis all for now, back to work!

1 comment:

Caitlyn said...

How far along are you in it? Good to know that it lives up to all the hype -- it's pretty much on every standard "best travel books" list that you can find.