Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New found enthusiasm

After being gripped by the hand of exhaustion for the past five days, I feel myself again(after nearly two solid days in bed) With this energy comes my work. I still plan to take it easy for a few more days, but I jump head-first into work once again. Having a deadline to reach with my friend Llywelyn to come up with a "Sonic Playground" for him to play piano over for our next collaboration. Our first is his album "Stages". Contact me or him to get a copy.

I continue with learning the language of my new country, China with a greatly positive attitude. As my departure is as of this date, 38 days away.

A few more quick project to be completed my work with My friend Dave Genualdi, heard only by few so far, but given great praise will be released soon. As we continue to attack the sensibilities of the post-rock world.

tis all for now, back to music world!


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