Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Cave Adventures

The day started out with a delicious breakfast of dumplings and hard-boiled eggs. After breakfast I took more photos of the neighborhood

We leave the apartment shortly after to pick up several food items for that evening's dinner and my study materials

A local shopping district

Another way of saying: "Stay away intruder!"

A  bookshop used for my purchases

And on the journey to the countryside I found that Kevin Costner has joined the club of celebrity clothing designers

After the Costner discovery we head an hour outside of the city to the Yulian caves.

The journey

We arrive at the Yulian caves. Which seems to be a destination for Japanese and southeast Asian tourists.
After an introduction from our tour guide we begin the tour of the caves inhabited by an ancient tribe(or at least that was the give translation)
Folk game

Monkey and the area

The landscape

We enter the cave. The depths of this place are quite unreal. It just keeps going. We are in the cave for over two hours and emerge light deprived

After the cave we head home. Uncle and Aunt go to dinner with friends I spend the evening quietly working on music and reading.

This is an interesting place. We plan to head to Guilin for three days on Wednesday. This should prove another wonderful opportunity for more photos and introspection

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